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Frogtown, Saint Paul’s most diverse and vibrant neighborhood, will be hard hit by the coming climate crisis. Residents of this low-income neighborhood are already suffering from the increased heat of summer, elevated air pollution levels, and flooding from severe rainstorms. Frogtown Green’s Climate Carnival will help Frogtown residents and visitors learn ways to cope with and combat the impacts of climate change—in a lively, fun-filled event on Saturday August 20, from 1 to 4 PM.


In festive tents on a long-vacant lot on Dale Street, the Climate Carnival will feature games of dexterity and skill; contests of brute strength; displays of esoteric knowledge, and more! Each Carnival tent focuses on a different aspect of sustainability, with fun, hands-on activities, make-and-take opportunities, and exhibits. Carnival-goers will “fish” for pollutants in storm water; gape at sow bugs doing ‘a dirty dance’ to make compost; and learn about freaky fertilizing pollinators. Delicious food and drink will be free, along with face-painting, a “cupcake walk”  and other kid-pleasers.


“We hope the Climate Carnival will draw attention to the disparate impact that climate change will have on our neighborhood,” says Patricia Ohmans, director of Frogtown Green, and a 42-year resident of the neighborhood. “Given the serious and frightening news about our climate crisis, it’s hard to be optimistic and think there is something we can do about it. The Carnival will show—in a memorable and fun way— that there are actually many things we can do!”



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