What is Frogtown Green?



Frogtown Green is a volunteer-powered, resident-led group that began with Frogtown Park & Farm. From 2009 to 2012, we campaigned for the preservation of 13 vacant acres in the middle of our neighborhood and its conversion into a public park with an urban farm. Since that success, we have created six more parklets and gardens; planted hundreds of trees; sponsored dozens of events, and collaborated with friends and groups all over Saint Paul.  


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But how does green space help frogtown?

Did you know that lower-income neighborhoods have significantly less green space than their higher-income counterparts? This is definitely true in Frogtown.

There's six times less green space per child in Frogtown than the average across all neighborhoods in St. Paul!


Such a disparity might seem minor in the face of other issues facing low-income areas, like white supremacy, health disparities or poverty itself. But public health research shows that planting trees, maintaining parks and cultivating community gardens can reduce pollution, improve physical and mental health, make neighborhoods safer, and even increase the amount of money a person spends in a neighborhood store!


Frogtown Green began with the campaign to build a new park with an urban farm in our neighborhood. Now in our tenth year, we're focusing on a variety of ways to make our neighborhood greener and healthier. Join us!




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