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How Can 

our neighborhood 

Be HealthieR


And more BEautiful?

We're residents of Frogtown, St Paul's most diverse and vibrant community. We want to make Frogtown the greenest and most sustainable neighborhood in St Paul. We grow crops, plant trees, promote parks, share information, and celebrate Frogtown,

our neighborhood and nature.  Join us!

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1,000 TREES!

IMG-0068 (1).jpg

Frogtown's "Tree Frogs" and friends have planted more than 500 trees in our low canopy neighborhood, using simple gravel-filled nursery beds to grow bare root trees.  We'll be planting another 165 trees in 2023. Your support will help our neighborhood grow greener.

Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 8.24.48 AM.png

We're making HEADLINES

Check out this timely interview with Frogtown Green's Patricia Ohmans and Chris Stevens. Strib writer James Walsh visited with them at Frogtown Park & Farm, on a beautiful November day. His Q & A explores the reasons Frogtowners love and care for their neighborhood greenspaces.  

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